Sugar-Free vs. No Sugar Added… What’s The Difference??

June 6, 2011 at 9:03 pm

While walking through the aisles through your grocery store, you see different labels that say “Sugar-Free”, which is pretty self-explanatory.  Then a few shelves down, you see another label reading “No Sugar Added,” now you are just confused.  Is there a difference between the two labels, or is it just different wording? Well, I am here to tell you that there is a difference…

Sugar-Free does mean what it says.  It does not contain any added sugar or natural sugars.  It may contain artificial sweeteners, but not sugar.  Now “No Sugar Added” is a little different story.  This means that no more sugar is added to the product, but probably contains natural sugars.  An example, is “No Sugar Added Apple Pie”.  Apples naturally have sugar, but in making the actually pie, there was no more sugar added to it.  But will probably be made with artificial sugar products.

This may seem silly for me to write this, but a lot of people do not know the difference because it isn’t explained enough in the public.  If you eat a large quantity of something that is “no sugar added” you are still eating sugar, which may raise your glucose levels. And also no sugar added can affect your carb counts!

So for all of you watching what you eat, read your labels and do your research!!

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8 thoughts on “Sugar-Free vs. No Sugar Added… What’s The Difference??

  1. Are you aware of any stores in the Pittsburgh area which carry your products? Thank you in advance.

  2. Do you think Clemmy’s will come to the Whole Foods in New Orleans, we have another store in Metairie just outside Nola.

  3. Hi – is Clemmy’s ice cream available in any stores in the Chicago, IL area? Specifically, I am in zip code 60093. So a store in Winnetka, Northbrook, Glenview, Evanston, for example, would be convenient. Store names that are nearby include Dominicks, Jewel, Whole Foods, Fresh Market, Sunset Foods, Lakeside Foods.

    Thanks very much.

    Steve Ash

    • Hi Steve:
      Thanks for the email. Look for all of our flavors of ice cream in Sunset Foods beginning next week! Also Treasure Island, and The Fresh Market currently carry it, and Whole Foods will have it in August!

  4. Where can I find this ice cream in South King County, State of Washington? So many road fixes are happening this summer and driving to North King County where you stock these items is a real mystery.

    • Twilla: We are really sorry you are having such a tough time finding us. This is a list of the stores where you can find Clemmy’s within Washington state. Hopefully, one of these stores has a location near you so you can avoid all of those road fixes:
      Ballinger Thrisfway
      Bellingham Co-op
      Carleton Grocery
      Duvall Family Grocer
      Farmhouse Market
      Front Street Market
      Gluten Free Joe’s
      Harbor Greens
      Lakemont Thristway
      Manna Mills
      Marlene’s Market
      Natural Pantry
      Promenade Red Apple
      Shop ‘N’ Kart
      Skagit Valley Co-op
      Smart Eats
      Sno-Isle Co-op
      Walla Walla
      Whole Foods

      Please remember if you can’t get to us – we can always get to you:

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